Only 28% of people score 15/15 in this Biology Trivia

Do you think you belong to the 38% who correctly

Only 28% of people score 15/15 in this Biology Trivia. Do you presume that you take care of your health? Then I challenge you to get 15/15.

Only 28% of people score 15/15 in this Biology Trivia

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  • Question of

    Chewing the grape seeds helps maintain health and beauty due to its high resveratrol content.

    • True.
    • Flase.
  • Question of

    Saccharose is another way to call fructose.

    • True.
    • False, is the combination of glucose and fructose.
  • Question of

    An excess of glucose impairs collagen, which accelerates the aging of your body’s tissues.

    • True.
    • False.
  • Question of

    Racket sport that is practiced indoors with two players and a rubber ball that can have different degrees of speed or rebound, is known as:

    • Tennis.
    • Squash.
    • Bowling.
  • Question of

    Select the name of the hormone that tells the body to stop eating, thereby regulating hunger.

    • Lipogenesis
    • Ghrelina
    • Leptin
  • Question of

    The first of the scans to diagnose a disease or rule it out is:

    • The throat check.
    • Blood test.
    • The temperature check.
  • Question of

    Infectious disease that affects several organs of the human being transmitted by ticks.

    • Lyme
    • Ehrlichiosis
    • Both options are possible.
  • Question of

    If you do 3 sports disciplines; swimming, cycling and running, in order and without interruption between one test and the next, you would be a:

    • High performance athlete
    • Super athlete
    • Triathlete
  • Question of

    When women are breastfeeding or pregnant, the demand for vitamin B increases.

    • True.
    • False, the doctor stops the intake of this vitamin.
  • Question of

    Kale does not contain vitamin C.

    • True.
    • False, on the contrary it contains high amounts of vitamin C.
  • Question of

    Ingesting 200 to 300 processed apple seeds daily is good for your health.

    • True.
    • False, apple seed contains cyanide.
  • Question of

    The most common form of dementia among the elderly is:

    • Parkinson’s
    • Alzheimer’s
  • Question of

    It has a dietary fiber (β-glucan) that reduces bad cholesterol.

    • The beet.
    • The oats.
  • Question of

    Select the product that contains the most antioxidant.

    • Green Tea.
    • Cocoa.
  • Question of

    Neurotransmitter that leads to a nerve signal that produces happiness.

    • Serotonin
    • Dopamine
    • Gaba

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