This Greek mythology test seems simple, but only 1 in 92 people can pass it with no mistakes

This Greek mythology test

This Greek mythology test seems simple. In the process of doing this test, we wanted to do different things. In order to solve the challenge, you must read the name of the god or goddess of Greek mythology very well. Then, you have to select what this deity represents. Are you ready? Sounds easy, but only 8% overcome the challenge with 15/15.

This Greek mythology test seems simple, but only 1 in 92 people can pass it with no mistakes

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  • Question of

    Hephaestus is the god of:

    • Trade
    • The fire and the forge.
    • The shepherds and flocks.
  • Question of

    Apollo is the god of:

    • The arts.
    • Harvest.
    • The violence.
  • Question of

    Athena is the goddess of:

    • Youth.
    • Wisdom.
    • Virginity.
  • Question of

    Nike is the goddess of:

    • Justice.
    • Victory.
    • Discord.
  • Question of

    Thanatos is the personification of:

    • Sun.
    • The memory.
    • Death without violence.
  • Question of

    Artemis is the goddess of the:

    • Hunting.
    • Fortune.
    • Strategy.
  • Question of

    Érebo is the god of:

    • The intelligence.
    • The sky and thunder.
    • The darkness and the shadow.
  • Question of

    Demeter is the goddess of:

    • The Agriculture.
    • The underworld.
    • The wild animals.
  • Question of

    Dionysus is the god of:

    • Wine.
    • Dream.
    • West wind.
  • Question of

    Crono is the personification of:

    • Old age.
    • Time.
    • Destiny.
  • Question of

    Eos is the goddess of:

    • Dawn.
    • Immortality.
    • Sexual attraction.
  • Question of

    Pores is the personification of:

    • Wealth.
    • Poverty.
    • Opportunity.
  • Question of

    Ananké is the personification of:

    • The destiny.
    • The memory.
    • The inevitability.
  • Question of

    Hestia is the goddess of:

    • Childbirth.
    • The kitchen.
    • Harmony.
  • Question of

    Thesis was the primordial goddess of:

    • Water.
    • The night.
    • The creation.

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