What did Queen Elizabeth do during WWII? Can you pass this history quiz?

What did Queen Elizabeth do during World War
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What did Queen Elizabeth do during World War II? This world history test has easy and hard questions, but question No. 11 has proven difficult for almost everybody. Want to know what your chances are? The average score goes no higher than 8/15.

What did Queen Elizabeth do during WWII? Can you pass this history quiz?

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  • Question of

    What actress married Prince Rainier III of Monaco en April 1956?

    • Audrey Hepburn
    • Eva Marie Saint
    • Grace Kelly
    • Susan Hayward
  • Question of

    Who was the King with the shortest reign in history (his rule lasted only 20 minutes)?

    • Christian II of Sweden
    • Louis XIX of France
    • Edgar II of England
    • Michael II of Russia
  • Question of

    Who was the first female Prime Minister of a European country?

    • Margaret Thatcher (Britain)
    • Maria de Lourdes Pintasilgo (Portugal)
    • Gro Harlem Brundtland (Norway)
    • Milka Planinc (Yugoslavia)
  • Question of

    Who was the King of Britain when Napoleon was defeated in Waterloo (1815)

    • George II
    • William IV
    • George III
    • George IV
  • Question of

    The White House in Washington was designed in 1792 by whom?

    • Henry Flitcroft (Britain)
    • Charles Percier (France)
    • James Hoban (Ireland)
    • Robert Adam (Britain)
  • Question of

    What famous Russian politician was killed in Mexico after the Bolshevik Revolution?

    • Alexander Kerensky
    • Lev Kamenev
    • Grigory Zinoviev
    • Leon Trotsky
  • Question of

    Which of these Roman emperors was not murdered?

    • Caligula
    • Caracalla
    • Hadrian
    • Claudius
    • Galba
  • Question of

    What was the name of the ship where Charles Darwin made his famous voyage to South America and around the world as a naturalist?

    • Indomitable
    • Beagle
    • Neptune
    • Centurion
  • Question of

    Marie Antoinette, the guillotined Queen of France, was born the Archduchess of what country?

    • Prussia
    • Italy
    • Austria
    • Spain
  • Question of

    Who was the first Tudor monarch to rule in England?

    • Henry VII
    • Edward VI
    • Henry VIII
    • Richard III
  • Question of

    The palace of the Tuileries in Paris was burned down during what event in French history?

    • The French Revolution, 1789
    • The Paris Commune, 1871
    • St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre, 1572
    • February Revolution, 1848
  • Question of

    During World War II, when she was a princess, Queen Elizabeth II worked as a volunteer in what field?

    • Paramedic
    • Nurse
    • Switchboard operator
    • Military mechanic
  • Question of

    The first Queen of England was:

    • Elizabeth I
    • Victoria
    • Mary I
    • Anne
  • Question of

    As an empire, the Romans never set foot in which of these countries?

    • Ireland
    • France
    • Britain
    • Portugal
  • Question of

    What monarch had the longest reign in European history?

    • Elizabeth II, UK
    • Franz Joseph I, Austria-Hungary
    • Ferdinand III, Sicily
    • Louis XIV of France

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