15 important women in history everyone should know about

15 important women in history everyone should know about

15 important women in history everyone should know about. But only 1 in 65 people answer all the questions correctly. We show you the names of important women in history. Can you guess what their contribution was?

15 important women in history everyone should know about

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    Ada Lovelace

    • Pioneer in mathematics, created the concept of an operating system or software
    • Founder of Christian Science, author of key scriptures of that faith, founder of The Christian Science Monitor
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    Marie Curie

    • Abbess, mystic and visionary, composer of music and writer of books on many secular and religious topics
    • Mother of modern physics, two-time Nobel Prize winner
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    Jane Goodall

    • Primatologist and researcher, worked with chimpanzees in Africa
    • mathematician whose work is still used in the construction of skyscrapers
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    Clara Barton

    • Founder of the Red Cross
    • First woman to graduate from medical school (M.D.) and a pioneer in educating women in medicine
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    Mary Church Terrell

    • Environmentalist, educator
    • Civil rights leader, founder of National Association of Colored Women
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    • Pharaoh of Egypt who took male powers for herself
    • Last pharaoh of Egypt, active in Roman politics
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    Catherine the Great of Russia

    • Patron of art and philosophy, abdicated on conversion to Roman Catholicism
    • Expanded Russia’s borders and promoted westernization and modernization
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    Corazon Aquino

    • President of Philippines, reform political candidate
    • Prime Minister of India, also the daughter, mother, and mother-in-law of other Indian politicians
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    Barbara Jordan

    • First Southern African American woman elected to Congress
    • Legendary saint and martyr
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    Jane Addams

    • Anti-lynching crusader, reporter, an early activist for racial justice
    • Founder of Hull-House and of the social work profession
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    Lady Murasaki

    • wrote what’s considered the world’s first novel, The Tale of Genji
    • Along with her sister Emily, author of key early 19th century novels by women
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    Selma Lagerlof

    • First woman to win Nobel Prize for Literature
    • Wrote popular novels of the Romantic period
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    Emily Dickinson

    • Her poetic style left a significant legacy on 20th Century poetry
    • A primary organizer for the last winning years of women’s suffrage
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    Emily Murphy

    • Theorist and writer whose Ms. Magazine helped shape the “second wave”
    • The first woman magistrate in the British Empire
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    Rosalind Franklin

    • British Chemist who made significant contributions to understanding the structure of DNA and RNA
    • American social activist and leading feminist figure of the 1960s.

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