Can you pass this chemistry quiz?

Quiz Triv. Can you pass this chemistry quiz?
Quiz Triv. Can you pass this chemistry quiz?

Can you pass this chemistry quiz? This trivia test explores all kinds of questions about chemistry. How many questions will you get right?

Can you pass this chemistry quiz?

Only if you are an expert in chemistry science, you’ll have any chance of passing the test. To earn a point, it will be useful to know who discovered the neutron.

Only 1 in 112 people can score 10/10 in this chemistry trivia test. What will be your score? Let’s find out.

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  • Question of

    What element is considered the soul of organic chemistry?

    • Oxygen
    • Carbon
  • Question of

    Who discovered the neutron?

    • Otto Hahn
    • James Chadwick
  • Question of

    To pass a temperature from degrees Celsius to degrees Kelvin, what should be done?

    • Subtract 273 from the value
    • Add 273 to the value.
  • Question of

    Carbohydrates are mainly composed of:

    • Carbon, oxygen and hydrogen.
    • Carbon and hydrogen and to a lesser extent oxygen.
  • Question of

    Who is credited with the foundation of atomism?

    • Leucippus of Miletus
    • Parmenides of Elea
    • Agrigento Empedocles
  • Question of

    The molar concentration or molarity is represented by the letter:

    • M
    • N
    • W
  • Question of

    The pH is a measure of:

    • Acidity
    • Salinity
  • Question of

    Augusto Kekulé is known for discovering the structure of:

    • Furan
    • Benzene
  • Question of

    A cation is an ion with ____ charge.

    • Positive
    • Negative
  • Question of

    Iron (Fe) is known since:

    • Age of Enlightenment
    • The industrial Revolution
    • Antiquity and Middle Ages

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