History quiz. 15 questions to test your knowledge

History quiz. 15 questions to test your knowledge
History quiz. 15 questions to test your knowledge

15 questions to test your knowledge in universal history. If you know who is considered the father of history, this test will be a piece of cake for you.

History quiz. History is the study of the historical records of past vents, persons, and nations. It provides a rudimentary base for historical evidence of different societies. Studying history is important to maintain the identity war in the global world.

History quiz. 15 questions to test your knowledge

The more a nation is aware of the knowledge of its history, the more it is considered evolved and developed.  Learning history can allow you to assess interpretations in a useful way. At first sight, it seems as if history is merely an act of memorizing names and dates of the past history of persons and nations. But if we god deep down, we see there is more to know apart from tales of great warriors.

This subject is considered dry and tough for it is hard on the wits of students. If you are not likely to study history confidently, you will lose the global insight about other worlds and nations. It is through history, that you can get command on knowledge of changes made over the period.

History trivia. Can you answer these questions correctly?

Knowledge of history is quite an interesting act. You can learn more than books by solving these fun-learning quizzes and tests. They cover a wide range of subject matters i.e. historical information of great Greek warriors, gods, genius, philosophers and scientists, famous battles, and many other historical events. History quiz.

History of the grandeur of monarchs and other complex stories are included for adding a tint of texture in your interest. If you want to have a real-life roller coaster ride to the past and history, solve the Quizzes below and step into a world of fun-learning.

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  • Question of

    Let’s get started! Who was traditionally considered the father of history?

    • Sophocles
    • Herodotus
    • Xenophon
  • Question of

    Which of these objects was not developed by Thomas Alva Edison?

    • Phonograph
    • Lighting rod
    • Incandescent bulb
  • Question of

    Very easy, what was the main cause of the war of Spanish succession?

    • Partial failure of the coup d’etat of 1936.
    • Death without descendants of Carlos II of Spain.
  • Question of

    Surely you know the answer of this. Who were the belligerents of the opium wars?

    • Chinese and British empires
    • French and Japanese empires
  • Question of

    Before the unification, the name Democratic Republic of Vietnam designated:

    • South Vietnam
    • North Vietnam
  • Question of

    What agreements involve the political independence of the Holy See of the Kingdom of Italy as a State?

    • Lateran Treaty
    • Councils of Nicea
  • Question of

    Easy! Which of these characters has not won a Nobel Peace Prize?

    • Mikhail Gorbachev
    • Teresa of Calcutta
    • Winston Churchill
  • Question of

    In what year was the independence of India finally achieved?

    • 1947
    • 1955
    • 1963
  • Question of

    The period of Nazi Germany is also called:

    • Third Reich
    • Fourth Reich
    • Second reich
  • Question of

    Who was the murderer of John F. Kennedy?

    • James Earl Ray
    • Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Question of

    Why is the Italian physicist Enrico Fermi known?

    • Development of the first nuclear reactor.
    • Development of quantum mechanics.
  • Question of

    We approach the final stretch. Pablo Escobar Gaviria was the founder and top leader of the Cartel of:

    • Cali
    • Medellin
  • Question of

    Who is considered the most eminent opera singer of the twentieth century?

    • Grace Kelly
    • Maria Callas
    • Renata Tebaldi
  • Question of

    Mahatma Gandhi’s birth name:

    • Maneka Sanjay Gandhi
    • Feroze Jehangir Gandhi
    • Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
  • Question of

    During the Crimean War, the league formed by the Ottoman Empire, France, the United Kingdom and the kingdom of Sardinia battled against:

    • The Russian Empire
    • The German Empire
    • The Byzantine Empire

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