How much do you know about the Bible? Only 1 in 128 score 15/15

How much do you know about the Bible?

How much do you know about the Bible? If you know who killed Goliath with a slingshot and a stone, the point must be yours. Do you accept the challenge and try this quiz?

How much do you know about the Bible? Only 1 in 128 score 15/15

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  • Question of

    Originally, most of the Bible’s Old Testament was written in:

    • Hebrew
    • Latin
    • Aramaic
  • Question of

    How many books make up the Bible?

    • 73
    • 70
    • 61
  • Question of

    What man built an ark to survive the flood?

    • John
    • Jonah
    • Noah
    • Jacob
  • Question of

    Jesus was crucified between two men. Who were they?

    • Two prophets.
    • Two thieves.
    • Two Pharisees.
  • Question of

    Who killed the giant Goliath with a slingshot and a stone?

    • Jesus
    • Solomon
    • David
    • Joseph
  • Question of

    In the New Testament there are 4 Gospels: St Matthew, St Mark, St Luke and…

    • St. John.
    • St. Peter.
    • St. Joseph.
  • Question of

    A biblical character who was allowed as many descendants as stars in the sky, even when he and his wife were already beyond the age of procreation.

    • Isaac
    • Abraham
    • Job
  • Question of

    Who was the treasurer of the disciples?

    • Matthew
    • Judas
    • John
  • Question of

    How many days was Lazarus dead when Jesus resurrected him?

    • 1
    • 4
    • 3
  • Question of

    A woman who tempted Samson with her beauty and dance, then neutralized his power by cutting off his hair, according to the Bible.

    • Delilah
    • Magdalene
    • Mary
  • Question of

    Name of the thief that the people decided to let go instead of Jesus.

    • Caiaphas.
    • Pontius Pilate.
    • Barabbas.
  • Question of

    Angel who had the task of announcing God’s plan to Mary, according to the Bible.

    • Michael
    • Gabriel
    • Uriel
  • Question of

    Colors of the 4 horses of the Apocalypse.

    • Yellow, red, black, white.
    • White, scarlet, yellow, black.
    • Lead, white, black, yellow.
  • Question of

    Ruler of Judea who murdered thousands of innocent children wanting to kill Jesus to protect his power.

    • Pilate
    • Caesar
    • Herod
  • Question of

    Who was chosen to lead the people of Israel out of Egypt?

    • Moses
    • Abraham
    • David

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