I bet you know only a couple of renowned music composers. Let’s test your knowledge about them

renowned music composers



Renowned music composers. How much do you really know about them? Not much? That’s exactly what I thought. Do you want to prove me wrong? I bet you’ll get not more than 10/15, but okay, let’s try.

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I bet you know only a couple of renowned music composers. Let’s test your knowledge about them

  • Question of

    What composer wrote a symphony in which the musicians stop playing one by one and leave the stage until only two are left?

    • Ludwig van Beethoven
    • Joseph Haydn
    • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    • Antonio Vivaldi
  • Question of

    What Soviet composer’s death preceded that of Joseph Stalin by approximately 50 minutes?

    • Dmitry Shostakovich
    • Aram Khachaturian
    • Alfred Schnittke
    • Sergey Prokofiev
  • Question of

    What renowned 19th-century pianist, composer, and teacher became known as the Queen of the Piano during a successful recital career lasting more than 60 years?

    • Cosima Wagner
    • Clara Schumann
    • Anna Dvořák
    • Fanny Mendelssohn
  • Question of

    Of which composer did Igor Stravinsky say, “[He] did not write 400 concertos; he wrote the same concerto 400 times”?

    • Domenico Scarlatti
    • Antonio Vivaldi
    • Georg Friedrich Händel
    • Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Question of

    Which composition by Ludwig van Beethoven inspired a novella of the same title by Leo Tolstoy, in which a jealous husband murders his wife after she and another man play the composition together?

    • Sonata for Nude Violinist and Pianist
    • The Moonlight Sonata
    • The Kreutzer Sonata
    • The Kreisler Sonata
  • Question of

    Which medieval composer and mystic was declared a saint of the Roman Catholic Church by Pope Benedict XVI in 2012?

    • Michael Praetorius
    • Peter Abelard
    • Bernard de Cluny
    • Hildegard von Bingen
  • Question of

    Which renowned Russian Romantic composer was also a professor of chemistry?

    • Modest Mussorgsky
    • Mikhail Glinka
    • Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov
    • Aleksandr Borodin
  • Question of

    Which major American composer also ran a successful insurance company?

    • Aaron Copland
    • Charles Ives
    • Samuel Barber
    • Leonard Bernstein
  • Question of

    Which composer’s Sixth Symphony features the ringing of cowbells offstage?

    • Anton Bruckner
    • Johannes Brahms
    • Jean Sibelius
    • Gustav Mahler
  • Question of

    Which of these compositions is not by Czech composer Antonín Dvorák?

    • Billy the Kid
    • Moravian Duets
    • Slavonic Dances
    • New World Symphony
  • Question of

    Which of these compositions is not by George Frideric Handel?

    • Water Music
    • The Blue Danube
    • Messiah
    • Music for the Royal Fireworks
  • Question of

    Which of these composers wrote music for a keyboard that played colored light instead of sound?

    • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    • Frederic Chopin
    • Thomas Tallis
    • Aleksandr Scriabin
  • Question of

    Who wrote Rondo alla turca?

    • Jacques Offenbach
    • Johann Sebastian Bach
    • Christoph Willibald von Gluck
    • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Question of

    Which of these was a famous madrigalist, or composer of madrigal music?

    • Francesco Landini
    • Frank Zappa
    • Fra Filippo Lippi
    • Francis Albert Sinatra
  • Question of

    Who composed the Messiah, first performed in 1742?

    • Ludwig van Beethoven
    • Richard Wagner
    • George Frideric Handel
    • Georg Hegel


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