If you think you have good memory, test yourself with this exceptional trivia. Try it now

If you think you have good memory



If you think you have good memory test yourself with this exceptional trivia. Try it now If you remember in which series stars detective Olivia Benson that point is already yours.

If you think you have good memory, test yourself with this exceptional trivia. Try it now


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  • Question /

    Select the name of the series where a group of people “slipped” between parallel worlds. Look at the photo, it will help you remember.

    • Jump to infinity
    • Sliders
    • Both options are valid
  • Question /

    The protagonist character that gives name to the MacGyver series, is interpreted by:

    • Drew Allison Carey
    • Richard Dean Anderson
  • Question /

    Jeffrey Dean Morgan is an American actor, best known for playing Negan in the series The Walking Dead.

    • True
    • False
  • Question /

    In the series The Nanny, Fran Fine is hired, by mistake, as the babysitter of Mr. Sheffield’s three children: Maggie, Brighton and Grace.

    • True.
    • False, there were four children.
  • Question /

    In the CSI series, William Petersen personifies the mythical:

    • Albert Robbins
    • Gil Grissom
    • Ted Danson
  • Question /

    Detective Olivia Benson in a character from the police television series:

    • Law and Order, Special Victims Unit.
    • Bones
    • True Detective
  • Question /

    Charlie Harper is an alcoholic and womanizer single who lives a life of luxury in Malibu. Do you remember the name of his nephew and his mother?

    • Alan and Kandi Harper.
    • Jake and Evelyn Harper.
    • Herb and Rose Harper.
  • Question /

    We continue with the series Two and a Half Men, select Alan’s ex-wife and Jake’s mother.

    • Bridget Schmidt
    • Judith Melnick
  • Question /

    Dr. Sheldon Cooper was a gifted child from Eastern ____ and is usually dressed in a T-shirt with ____ logos.

    • Texas, superheroes
    • California, rock groups
    • Kansas, chemical elements
  • Question /

    The Sopranos is a series that revolves around the gangster Tony, and the difficulties he faced both in his home and in the criminal organization he directs.

    • True.
    • False, the series is about the life of the best musicians in history.
  • Question /

    His best known role (to date) is that of Tyrion Lannister in the Game of Thrones series, select his first name.

    • Harington Kit
    • Alfie Allen
    • Peter Dinklage
  • Question /

    Select the profession of Ross Geller in the Friends series.

    • Dentist
    • Paleontologist
    • Chef
  • Question /

    Dr. House often confronts his boss ______ and drives crazy his best friend ____.

    • Dr. Martha M. Masters and Dr. Eric Foreman
    • Dr. Allison Cameron and Dr. Robert Chase
    • Dr. Lisa Cuddy and Dr. James Wilson.
  • Question /

    In the 80s in Indiana, the boy Will Byers disappears, revealing the strange events that take place in the area. Select the name of the series.

    • X Files
    • Stranger Things
    • Paranormal
  • Question /

    Do you remember this logo? On the comedy, both Lucy and Ricky (the protagonists) were of different origins, since Ricky was ___ while Lucy ___.

    • American and Cuban.
    • Cuban and American.
    • Puerto Rican and English.


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